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Are you struggling to manage the necessary testing tasks with your core team? Is there a lack of specific test know-how, personnel resources, the possibility or willingness to take on test tasks? Or do you need an external professional viewpoint for quality assurance and to ensure common testing standards? Do you want to avoid investing in own testing infrastructure or just strengthen your team temporarily?

We can help you!

Since over 20 years, we have been successfully providing our customers with test-specific expertise. You too can benefit from our Remote Testing Services!

Need additional testing support beyond remote testing services? View our full portfolio here.

Alexander Weichselberger
Alexander Weichselberger

Alexander Weichselberger
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Remote Testing Services - Reinforcing your team

To support your core team in the best possible way, we offer you an "extended workbench" in the form of our Remote Testing Services Team. Our team will complete individual software testing work packages for you and return them to you in line with your development and testing cycle.

Your test team is in the middle of functional testing and lacks the time to create test cases for new features on time? No problem, our team can create them based on your requirements and deliver them back to your test team, taking the pressure off them before the next release.

This is just one example of how our RTS team can support your team, see below for a full list of our services. And to make sure everything runs smoothly and our team fits into your agile development process, Remote Testing Services also has our SPoC - details of which follow in "Communication is key - RTS SPoC".

Communication is key - RTS SPoC

Especially in an agile context, efficient communication is key. In a nutshell, our SPoC - short for Single Point of Contact - takes care of communicating your tasks to the RTS team. This means that the outsourcing of upstream or downstream work for your software testing is optimally organized.

In addition, the Remote Testing Services SPoC takes care of mental load and organisational issues for you and provides you with exactly the information you need from our experts in a management-friendly way.

Technical Tester - 404 not found

Do you have a good team of testers, but lack the expertise to deal with a specific technical issue? Your team can perform functional tests perfectly, but you need a load tester for a specific event, for example, to augment your team?

"404 no technical tester found in your company"? No problem, we can help!

Not only do we know what makes a good tester from years of experience, but our team is also constantly learning: Postman, JSON, XML, SQL, Git, Cypress, REST, SOAP, YAML, Jira, Confluence, DevOps, Selenium, Docker, Sonarqube... are already dear friends that make our practice effective. And if you rely on other tools, we as testers are not afraid to learn the ropes for you. After all, a good tester is always interested in new things!

Bring competence into your team immediately and deploy your team where it can best develop its strengths.

Push your project with the following services

  • Test case creation: Whatever you give us as a test base: Requirements documents, results of previous test runs, bug reports, access to applications,... or a simple talk through of your application together. With this starting points, we are able to create the optimal test cases for you.

  • Test execution: Whether manual or automated: We run your tests, document them based on standards and help you manage defects.

  • Test Automation: Do you have no or too few automated test cases? We create, maintain and execute automated tests for you. Gladly with your test automation framework - or we provide ours.

  • Test data: We analyse, create and maintain your test data.

  • Test environments, monitoring, reporting: We also manage your test environments, integrate your system monitoring in our tests, take care of reporting, help with your go-live decisions and much more.

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Alexander Weichselberger, Managing Partner

"Advantages for your task: Short-term scaling or an external quality view. Stable, secure and based on western standards. Get in touch with me. Let's talk about your tasks."

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